Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grown Ups

I watched the movie Grown Ups last week. Its was a good movie and a great example of how far we have come away from the simple things.

One of the familes in the movie is very well off, so they have all the luxruies. But, the kids stay inside all day playing video games, texting, (even texting people within the house) and such. Its all about convienance. But, they take a family vacation to a summer camp style resort. At first they hate it. An old tv, no games, no cell signals, and they have to be outside! But, they eventually come to like it. Being outside, actually playing, and making up games. Even making the old cup and string "phones".

We need todo this more. Be outside enjoying nature. Using our imaginations. Being with our family.

What would people do if all of their distractions were taken away. No cell phones, video games, DVR's and cable tv. Don't get me wrong, I like all those things, but we also need totake time away from them and reconnect with ourselves, our family and friends, and most imporatantly with God.

I would suggest that everyone try and go camping this summer. Even for just the weekend. Find a nice national park and load up the car with your loved ones. GO and pitch a tent and cook outdoors. Take advantage of the free nature classes they offer and learn about the park you are at. Go hiking, and see nature, plus its good exercise. Just make sure you leave the tv, video games, and cell phones at home. Bring some cards or some board games. Make a game of who can spot the most animals or something.

Just go and have fun.