Thursday, October 28, 2010

Election Time

We have elcetions coming up next week. This is an opportinuity for us to participate in our own governance. A privilige that not everyone has. I know that in recent times(the last 10 years especially)it may feel like there is no point in voting. That it doesn't matter, nothing will change if I vote or not. It is very esay to get discouraged when it seems like you are only choosing between the lesser of two evils. But we still need to do it. If you don't use your muscles, they can atrophy and become useless. So it can with voting. It could even be taken away. If we don't exercise our right to vote, our leaders could be chosen by committee or by the government itself with no oversite, no discussion, with a complete disregard of the will of the people. If we don't use this privilage, then why di dour forefathers fight the revolution? Why did all of those American servicemen storm the beaches of Normady?

No matter which way you lean, republican or democrat, rmemeber to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ole Miss Mascot- Bring back Col. Reb!!!!!

The Ole Miss mascot selection people released the mock-ups for the new mascot choices. They are stupid and have nothing to do with the Rebels. Come on people, a land shark, black bear, and I don't even know what the other thing is supposed to be. Is it a spaceman or the illegitimate child of the blue man group? I know that the black bear has something to do with the state, but what does it have to do with the Rebels? And the land shark? You can't make a mascot out of a cheer that just started, and that goes for hotty toddy man as well. They need to stick with Col. Reb. He is not a racist symbol. How can he be when he is based on an elderly black gentleman named Blind Jim Ivy? What will be next? the name Ole Miss? Maybe the Rebels? I bet they will probably try to move the entire university out of the state of Mississippi.

If they are so intent on removing all symbols that they consider racist, then they also need to remove the American flag from campus. Slavery happened under that flag as well. And it was under the flag if the United States that the government practiced the genocide of the American Indians. Now if that's not racist, what is?

Col. Reb is not racist, he is a tradition. He's not hurting anyone. If they administration is so up in arms about this, I would expect them to also be leading a movement to to the same with other colleges and pro teams. I'm sure that there are some Native Americans that are offended by the Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins, Florida State Seminoles, and so on. Why isn't the Ole Miss administration saying anything about them?

The administration isn't doing this for the university or the students, they are doing it for themselves. They have their political agenda and anything that gets in the way or they don't agree with must go.They obviously don't care about traditions or history. It's my experience that most liberals don't.

And if some students are bothered by it, then maybe Ole Miss is not the right place for them. They did choose to apply and attend knowing who the mascot is. No one can like everything about the college they attend, and if the mascot is their only beef, then they need to get over it because that is very petty.

The bottom line is, those of us that want to keep Col. Reb need to let the administration know. And the only way they will listen is through their pocketbook. We need to stop donating money, stop buying tickets for games. That is the only way to get their attention.

Bring back Col. Reb!