Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Greatest Generation

There is a reason they are called this. They know all of the things that the generations that followed have forgotten.

They lived throguh the depression and knew the value of a dollar and of a hard, honest days work. When asked to sacrifice, they did it. Could you imagine if the people today were told that they could only get gas on certain days of the week? Or women asked to give up stockings or other items? There would be a riot. That generation knew right from wrong and what to do about it. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, they didn't wait to be drafted, they went and enlisted the next day. They knew our very freedom and way of life was being attacked. Its not that they wanted war, but they understood that freedom comes with a price. They knew that in order to secure freedom, sometimes you must take up arms against your enemy. The founding fathers knew this, why do you think we had a revolutionary war? Was England just going to go away because we wrote on this peice of paper that we were independant? No. This country needs to get back to the ideals of the greatest generation, the sacrifice and duty they felt. To trusting in God, and knowing that only He can get us through anything.

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