Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interesting read....

This was forwarded to me, it is worth a read.

Conservatives need to rethink our attitude about war??? Conservatives are the ones who have remained consistent throughout the history of America -- that Freedom is Not Free, and that while no one -- not even Conservatives who are fraudulently smeared by today's culpatory press as being blood thirsty tyrants - wants to fight and possibly die defending freedom, it nontheless is a reality and necessity. Anything worth keeping is worth fighting for. Ironically, it's when a country is at it's strongest, it is less likely to be taken advantage of, attacked, or provoked into a battle. That is what is meant by "Peace through Strength." It doesn't take much logic to understand that the strongest kid in school is the least likely to be picked on.

Liberals are the ones who need to rethink why they have CHANGED, in so many ways since the 1960's, that it's THEIR doing that has weakened America and made it more likely we will be attacked or likely we'll see another Civil or Revolutionary war in our lifetime -- unless guys like you start spreading the reality your bro Kevin, Nate, and I dish out instead of spewing the illogical and historically inaccurate rhetoric you tow and blow for the Libs who are the ones leading us on a path of ugly, ugly destruction. Libs today don't believe it, but Freedom Aint Free. The last great Lib president who believed it and knew America's safety and strength shouldn't be compromised, was JFK. Virtually every die-hard Liberal today doesn't want to remember his backbone during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his famous quote (which most Libs today think couldn't possibly have been said by a Lib) when JFK said "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well, or wishes us ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." Yes, there was a time when America was great, and that time was when all American's, irregardless of political party, understood that America's greatness was firmly rooted in America's 1) freedom, 2) strength, and 3) prosperity. Since JFK, most Libs have used America's freedom irresponsibly and intentionally (such as infiltrating academia with Libs who have revised American History for 30 yrs now, etc) inflicting ignorance, dependence, and a lack of patriotism on 2 generations now that has served to suicidally kill our strength and prosperity. That, combined with the motis operandi of ungratefully insulting our military and capitalist free markets, has left us only with a thin strand of freedom left that -- it too -- may be murdered, by design from the Marxists Socialist fascists that the ignorant zombies, politically correct, racist, and silent majority have allowed to gain control of our once great nation.

Don't know about Kevin, but I know there are millions like me who definitely won't become Social Justice slaves and allow our Founding principles and rights of Life, Liberty, and PURSUIT (not handouts) of Happiness to be intentionally misinterpreted by tyrants to create any unconstitutional Right or Dependence (like the HealthCare law) for TARGETED (unequal/ injustice) individuals. Our Founders correctly stated that our Rights are endowed by our Creator, and it's indisputable that the only RIGHTS the Founders intended are those NON-MONETARY things like Life, Liberty, and PURSUIT of happiness, and Right of Free Speech, or Right to peacefully gather, or Right for a law abiding citizen to bear arms to protect his family or country against a tyrannical government that wants to violate our Constitution and oppress our people. All that our Founders and Framing documents make clear. Those Founding documents detail our Rights as those aforementioned non-monetary rights, as stated above; therefore, any product or service, which involves a COST such as Healthcare, is therefore not a Right endowed by our Creator nor guaranteed by our Constitution, which our Politicians swore to uphold and protect.

We are all created equal to PURSUE happiness, not for it to be stolen from the ambitious and hardworking and given to the lazy, or to the racist, or to the ignorant, or other dependent zombies. Abraham Lincoln, thank God, correctly understood the intent of "all men are created equal" and led us into a just war to abolish slavery -- that history wound up correctly characterizing Lincolns sense of justice, resolve, and fortitude. Frederick Douglas and MLK Jr must be looking down from Heaven and bewildered at the lies, deceit, and lack of gratitude from Obama, his mentors, and willing footsoldiers who display an ungratefulness for the American History that made our country the greatest on Earth and gave all its people, including his African bretheren, freedom and opportunity.

So, the bottom line of my lengthy first thought is: If you are suggesting that Libs hate war more than Conservatives, you better wake up out of your zombie or fainting Obama state and see the irony and hypocrisy of where we are headed if the LIBERALS DON'T RETHINK OR UNDERSTAND THEIR ATTITUDES, RHETORIC, OR LIES ABOUT AMERICA'S TRUE WAR HISTORY. Those who never understand the true lessons of history are more likely to repeat the ugly mistakes of the past. And hopefully, some of all this is being absorbed and will result in you pursuading 2 or 3 votes to CHANGE the make up of Congress come this November. You started this discussion about War, and I really haven't made too much of a tangent because the likes of George Washington fought for our Freedom at the Battle Lines. We will win our freedom at the Ballot Lines... with your help... But if you must be a stubborn Lib until your death, will you please consider the great people here in America who aren't suicidal??? What's the saying: If You Are Not Willing To Stand Behind Our Troops, Please, Please Feel Free To Stand In Front Of Them.

My second thought is a simple quote: "Pacifism is a synthesis of academic hubris & ignorance enabled by the sacrifices and service of the ones at the frontline." Yes, it's the ungratefulness that hurts the most to patriots like me who hate to see all the American PROGRESS (yes, Conservatives are the true Progressives) and human sacrafices be in vain if the path the Liberals are leading us on isn't altered or CHANGED.

Thirdly, if Libs hate War so much, why haven't I heard any outcry from the mainstream media about the provisions in the Healthcare legislation that authorizes the Presidente to create his own army??? Here's Judge Napolitano discussing that tyrannical HC provision:

Fourth, this video I linked below should be viewed by all who want to see how Republicans/ Conservatives have always been the real party of Civil Rights and Equal Justice,
which fits into this debate about War since we are ever so close to America's second Revolutionary or Civil War, which will - if it happens - be a War pitting Liberals against Conservatives (who can deny the Liberals haven't been attacking for years already?) Therefore, it's important the record be set straight at the outset: Watch that above link (as well as others I've linked at to document how Conservatives are the Party of Civil Rights and the Libs and MSM have been the tyrants) and decide what political party you'd be proud to stand with when you cast your vote. You really are voting for either Freedom on the right, and voting for Slavery/Govt Dependence/ Tyranny on the Left. Plain and Simple. For those Libs too proud or ignorant to be swayed by facts and logic, at least pray the rest of the electorate snaps out of it's slumber or zombie state so we can avoid the War we ALL WANT to avoid.

Unfortunately, most people don't know what they have until it's gone.

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