Wednesday, April 7, 2010


You know, I think about the history of this county, about the pioneers that came west or those that first landed on these shores, about the Native Americans that were here before that. I watch shows like the Dugger’s or the DIY type channels and I realize that the majority of us could not be self-sufficient. What happened to that pioneering spirit and know how? We have become too reliant on technology and other people doing things for us. I myself am guilty of this. We don’t know how to repair our own cars or houses.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my TV, video games, DVD’s, and so forth. But, what would happen if those were taken away? Would we be able to survive? I don’t believe that we should run off into the mountains and live away from society, but we should be able to do things for ourselves.

We should think about the choices we make. How can we get back to that pioneering spirit? By making small choices, here and there, we can start that. I am NOT a tree-hugger, but there is no reason to buy plastic water bottles everyday when, we can get a reusable bottle. This is not about doing what is good for the environment, though these things would be. Its about saving money and being able to provide ourselves. If we have solar power, we won’t have to worry about paying our electric bill. If we have a garden, less money spent at the grocery store. Just think how much we could save if we knew how to repair our own cars.

Getting back to these types of basics is going to help not only us, but the country as well. The first step we should take though, is to pick up our bibles and trust in God for all things.

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